About Us

PunchMyTimeCard is a product of Software Goldsmith Inc., (SGI).

SGI is an innovative, creative and cost conscious software consulting company. It is uniquely positioned in this critically challenged economic market to excel by building a strong "Win-Win" relationship with their customers.

With the economic downturn and shrinking IT budgets, many corporate executives are facing the biggest challenges of staying on the business profitably and meeting their existing customers’ commitments. To fight back, they are cutting down the operating costsby automating some of the mundane and day-to-day activities in different departments (e.g.,Payroll, Accounting, etc.) and streamlining the entire HR, Payroll and Accounting process to manage project cost and budget easily.

We are right on the money. We are well trained, innovative and highly motivated company who are ready to take those challenges. Our goal is to provide quality products like PunchMyTimeCard to our customers at low cost to make them successful during this difficult time.


WWe considered ourselves as a group of highly talented software developers in IT and telecommunication fields. We work like a Goldsmith who is capable of creating a masterpiece out of a lump of ore with his superb imagination and magnificent talent

We call ourselves "Softsmiths" who can create powerful software programs from any simple or complex requirements that are provided by our customers.


Our motto is to make our customers successful and profitable by offering the true partnership. Our goal is to make our customers true champions in their fields by providing innovative solutions to their problems, and delivering the quality product on time and within budget by "Cutting Cost not Quality".


We keep our cost low by keeping the Technical Head Count cost down, hiring right people for the job to reduce the training/transition cost, doing better planning up-front to get the job done on-time and paying special attention to the Software Testing/Software Quality Assurance (SQA) to develop a quality product at the "first time" instead of "fixing it later" which is always costly & time consuming.